The standard of new home building in Ireland has never been higher than it is today. With the need for housing at unprecedented levels, we are investing huge amounts of resources into the quality of our properties; from exceptional levels of standard of finishes to improved energy efficiency.

  • Our new homes are designed to adhere to the latest building standards.
  • When you move in, everything in a new home is clean and brand new. Our new homes are decorated in a ‘neutral’ colour throughout, which gives you a blank canvas to showcase your style and personality.
  • No need to put up with anyone else’s taste. And, with all the essentials in place like double-glazing, central heating and fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, it’s just the finishing touches that are required.
  • Buying a new home eliminates the need for any renovations, repairs or DIY.
  • In a technological advanced world, today’s homes need to cope with us using more appliances and gadgets than ever before – a new build home is built for this modern living.
  • Designer kitchens and bathrooms fitted with the latest fixtures, fittings and energy efficient appliances usually come as standard with a new build property.
  • The most up-to-date energy efficiency and ventilation technologies are also included so you can move in and enjoy your new property, knowing that it won’t need updating for many years to come.
  • Today’s new build homes are built to the latest environmental standards with far less carbon emissions than older properties.
  • Following the introduction of tough new industry standards, new homes are now built with materials and techniques to significantly reduce noise from adjoining properties.
  • New homes are generally safer and more secure than older properties. Fire safety, in particular, is helped by the standard installation of smoke alarms, fire doors, and fire retardant materials.
  • Your new home will come with a 10-year warranty most likely from Homebond.
  • In the current market, we are in a climate of bidding on second hand homes, which can often lead to a protracted sales process and often a bidding war which leads to disappointment. The price of a new home is set out from the outset and is reserved on a first come first served basis.

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